Protecting Homes Like Yours Since 1962

Because there is nothing “itsy bitsy” about it

Since 1962, our state licensed and certified professionals have been keeping home exteriors throughout Northeastern Wisconsin spider-free and looking clean. We treat the exterior of your house from top to bottom with the longest lasting residual pesticide on the market. Our treatments are tough on spiders – not flowers and shrubs. Call 920.730.7325 today for a free estimate.

Here's What We Do

Full Home

We cover gutter to ground treating all areas where spiders spin webs. We also treat decks, sheds, unattached garages, and playsets.


The treatment will not harm lawns, shrubs, flowers or pets. Once dry, it is completely safe.


Our time release protection is the longest lasting on the market eliminating current and potential future spider problems.

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Will Not

Our pesticide will not stain your siding and is virtually odor free.